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fempass is a web media that creates a place where people can easily talk about things that are often taken for granted by each person's sensibilities / viewpoints.


"I'm happy to get married" "It's strange to get excited with off-colour humor" "I can't make " like "a job"


-- You don't have to worry about the rule that you don't know who decided "usually this is the case" and suppress your sensibiity.


Regardless of location, generation or gender, we will support you toward a free and bright future.


We Will Deliver Stories That Can Push The Back Of "You" Who Live With Rich Sensibilities And Various Respectives. 

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fempass beV is a place for limited collaboration apparel goods project featuring famous sexy actresses in Japan.


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toei animation co., limited. was founded in 1956. they boast japan's largest and a world-class animatinon library, which comprises 224 theatrical features and 208 tv programs, totaling 11,820 episodes, including the all-time hit titles: dragon ball, saint seiya, digimon and one piece.

lemonation limited was licensed the video distribution rights of the dragon ball tv series and the saint seiya ovas from toei animation for the hong kong territory. the total 508 episodes for the dragon ball tv series has been one of the longest number episodes on video product ever released in hong kong video market.


now-tv is one of the world's largest commercial deployments of iptv and hong hong's largest pay-tv provider. It is delivered by pccw media limited, the multimedia and entertainment subsidiary of pccw limited.


now-tv offers the widest range of local and international content on its platform in hong kong. its quality self-produced content includes two news channels and a diverse line up of entertainment and infotainment programmes. this is complemented by leading asian and international content and brands across news, entertainment, information and sports genres.

lemonation limited launched its first adult tv channel, ice fire 901 channel on the now-tv platform in 2004. with the successful of ice fire 901, we were invited  to launched 3 more subscription vod channels, moodyz vod, idea pocket vod and s-one vod on now-tv vod's platform.


fanza is a Japan-based electronic commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of businesses that includes online shopping and video on demand service. the company manages an online entertainment site that allows users to purchase goods and services like e-books, games, mainstream dvd releases, and 3d printing.

fanza is also the largest japanese av content provide in japan. it uses the brand name fanza for adult contents. fanza holds over 300 japanese av brands and releases over thousands of av titles every month.

lemonation limited was granted the exclusive pay tv distribution rights in hong kong since 2005, we are so far still the exclusive pay tv distributor for fanza.

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